Canamo Concentrates

Although debated, most scholars agree that Mexican immigrants first introduced recreational marijuana use to the United States in the early 1900’s. As homage to the Mexican culture and their involvement in bringing marijuana use to popular culture, we decided to choose “Canamo” as the name of our concentrate brand. Canamo is an anglicized version of cáñamo, which is the Spanish word for hemp. However, many Chicanos in the United States and Latinos all across the world use cáñamo as slang for cannabis.

     Our brand’s logo is an altered version of a Mexican sugar skull; it is only natural to choose a turquoise color to further represent our corner of the country and the history of its people. Looking at our name, chosen colors and logo, it’s easy to see that Canamo Concentrates radiates southwestern vibes.

  Canamo Concentrates™ offers a full line of concentrates mirroring the variety found in today’s medicinal and recreational markets. For those of you who are new to the concentrate game, a cannabis extract is any oil that is a concentration of the plant’s chemical compounds, most common of which is THC and CBD.

Find out more about Canamo at canamocc.com