Quality Infusion Edibles

Edibles With Flavor and Purpose –

Infusion edibles and concentrates are made with the patient in mind. As one of the first medical cannabis kitchens in Arizona, our goal has always been to provide high quality products with outstanding flavor, while delivering safe, consistent and effective medication. By using only gourmet ingredients and the most sophisticated extraction methods, we maintain that same goal each and every day. Our high level of standard can be found in everything we do. Whether it’s our preparation, extraction science, testing, order fulfillment, fast delivery or our team of experts, we only incorporate the best elements and the best people to ensure we create and deliver the finest line of products.

Item 9 Labs high quality medical marijuana cartridges and concentrates

In Good Times and Good Health –

Item 9 Labs focuses on improving your experience by improving the products you know and love.  They’ve created the Apollo 710 to give you a discreet and powerful pod system.  They developed Delta 8 with a premium extraction process that reduces the psychoactive experiences that come with using cannabis. They produce heavy hitting, smooth shatter and equally potent, sandy crumble.  They also offer THCA, distillate, and live resin terp sauce and of course the classic bud.  All of their products can be narrowed down to find exactly what you need for your purposes.