Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Chandler, AZ
Monsoon Week July 18 - July 25th
Monday, July 19th. 30% off Shango Flower, 30% off Copia OGeez gummes, $6 for 1 gram G3 prepacked flower, and 25% off all concentrates.
Tuesday, July 20th. Buy one get one free Desert AZEE CBD Capsules, 40% off Select Elite Cartridges - Selece Elite onsite from 3 PM to 5 PM, 30% off Crescent Cannabis Items, and 25% off all edibles.
Wednesday, July 21st. 40% off TRU Infusion cartridges, edibles, flower, topicals, tinctures, and RSO, 30% off G3 prepacked flower, 30$ off 1 gram and 3.5 gram Sticky Saguaro WL cured resin badder.
Thursday, July 22nd. 40% off STIIIZT vape pods, 40% off PURE caramels and gummes, 30% off Abundant Organics Flower, 30% off Canamo concentrates, and 25% off topicals, tinctures, and RSO.
Friday, July 23rd. Buy one get one free Abstrakt cartridges, 30% off AZ Nectar Farms concentrates, disposable cartridges, flower, and kief prerolls, 30% off Vital gummies and Drinks, and 25% off all flower.
Saturday, July 24th. Buy one get one free WANA Gummies, 40% off Dr. Zodiak's Moon Rock cartridges, moonrooks, and moonrok prerolls, 30% off Sonoran Roots Flower, and 25% off all prerolls.
Sunday, July 25th. $40 for 7 grams of Sunday Goods flower, 40% off Timeless and NOIR cartridges, and 30% off Kiva camino gummies, chocolate bars, and terra bites.

****deals are for both Medical Marijuana Patient Cardholders and Adult-use 21+ unless otherwise stated
***Please allow at least 20-minutes for us to fulfill your online orders
****Express/Phone orders are only held for one day

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