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About Us

Sticky Saguaro was born in the Arizona sun and have put roots down in Chandler, Arizona. We are a family owned and operated business striving to put patient’s needs first. Our friends and family have battled many illnesses such as Crohn’s disease, Cancer and Severe Migraines which have steered our focus and efforts to be data and medicinally driven. We are here to serve you as our patients and will do our best to assist each and every one of you to meet your quality of life standards.
At Sticky Saguaro we not only care about our patients by providing an array of high quality, tested and effective medical marijuana and CBD products. We are also conscientious of the mark that we leave on this planet.


When you walk in to Sticky Saguaro you’ll see an open floor shopping concept with numerous ways to enjoy your experience. Meet with our friendly highly qualified, trained and proficient Sticky Associates. We offer a tailored shopping experience allowing us to meet and answer any of your mmj related inquires and needs.

The Sticky Saguaro team takes immense pride in trying to provide each patient with an excellent experience in our store, on our website, on social media, even at the time when the products are being consumed. We are working daily to make sure that every part of Sticky Saguaro operates to its full potential, and in doing so we appreciate all input provided to us from the patients. Listening, though may seem basic, is one of the most important jobs of the Sticky Saguaro team. The more input that we can receive from our patients, the more we can learn, ensuring that the Sticky Saguaro team and the products that we offer are consistently providing an excellent experience.

The Medical Marijuana industry is growing at tremendous rates, with new research and products coming out daily. To provide the Sticky Saguaro experience, it all starts with taking the time to understand each individual patient and how they are looking to use Medical Marijuana to help improve their lives. Product education is paramount to help us guide the patient to select the correct product to best fit their needs. Pushing the cultivators, manufacturers, suppliers and ourselves to be excellent every day, helps us provide the Sticky Saguaro experience.


We are dedicated to meeting the individualized needs of all our patients. Everything we do is rooted in putting patients first.

Focus – Our focus is to provide clean, tested products that meets out our strict standards. We require testing of every vendor product we carry.

Passion – Our passion is your passion. We love what we do and we are here for the patients.

Empathy – Not all patients cope with pain the same way. We empathize with individuals and have measures in place for patients requiring personalized consultation, with the opportunity to learn about products on a one to one basis. We’ll take as long as it takes.

Teamwork – From our team of managers to our Sticky Associates, teamwork is what makes us successful in providing outstanding, caring, and effective service.



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