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Best ways to store Medical Marijuana

Learn how to keep your medical cannabis fresh for longer (up to 2 years); Sticky Saguaro Dispensary lists the top tips on how to care for and properly store marijuana.
By #StickySaguaro | December 31, 2019 |

Best ways to store Medical Marijuana

Nothing beats a fresh batch of sticky, flavorful and potent cannabis.  But you must store it properly, or it gets moldy or dry.  Face it, old MMJ is yucky.  But if stored properly, it can last up to 2 years!  It’s up to you to protect your precious herb from drying out or molding.

Storing Your Medical Marijuana

Now, the ideal place to store your cannabis would be in a dark, chilly place like a basement or cellar.  You don’t want your herb to mold because of heat, light or moisture.  It can also dry out if exposed to oxygen.  Since not everyone has access to a basement or cellar, here are some other great ways to keep that cannabis fresh and yummy for longer.

  1. Keep it dark

Storing your cannabis in a dark place (a drawer is good!) to eliminate light exposure.  Or use a dark jar.  UV rays degrade the cannabinoids, which reduces the potency of your marijuana.

  1. Cool… but not too cool

Warmth isn’t good for your medical marijuana.  Temperatures between 77-86 degrees allow mold to grow.  The ideal temperature is just a little cooler than room temp. Heat can also dry it out, which produces less than pleasant hot, harsh smoke.  It’s also a great idea to not store it in a drawer that is close to heat, like the stove.  Don’t refrigerate or freeze your cannabis either.  The cold sucks out moisture and damages the resin glands which then creates shake.

  1. Minimize oxygen exposure

Keep your cannabis in an airtight, glass container that forms a seal.  Oxygen can speed up the degradation process.  Plastic bags or containers have a static charge that will attract trichomes, so it makes your marijuana not as great, so avoid these too.  Vacuum seal jars are ideal.

  1. Keep an eye on the humidity

Dry air will make your herb brittle, less potent and harsh to smoke.  On the other hand, high humidity can promote mold growth.  Moldy marijuana is unsafe to smoke.  You have to find that happy medium.  A safe humidity level is between 50 and 70%.  There are also humidity packs available to add to your airtight storage.

  1. Keep away from children and pets

Let your children know your cannabis is medicine and treat it like any other prescriptions and harmful chemicals in your house.  If you have edibles, clearly label them and make sure your children know and understand they are medicine and should not be eaten.

  1. Edibles

Edibles should be stored like any other food-based item.  It is not recommended to store for long periods of time.

  1. Don’t mix

Don’t store your grinders, pipes or other paraphernalia with your stash.  They stink!  Keep your supplies separate and clean.

It’s ok to be a little picky when it comes to storing your medical marijuana.  Talk with your Sticky Saguaro Patient Advisor if you have questions or any storage ideas you’d like to share.


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