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Medical Marijuana Micro-Dosing, Less is more!

By sticky | February 10, 2019 |

With today’s medical marijuana being stronger than what was available a generation ago (even edibles!), lots of medical marijuana patients prefer micro-dosing.

What Is Micro-Dosing?

If you’re thinking “alright, so what is microdosing????, we’ll fill you in. Micro-dosing is a method used for controlling the amount of THC consumed. Meaning you need less marijuana to achieve the desired effect. The preferred and easiest way to microdose is via MMJ edibles.

These days, the THC potency of cannabis strains have increased. So instead of needing a full joint to feel the effects, a few puffs will now do the trick.

How To Micro-Dose

The best way to micro-dose, is with edibles because you know how much THC is in the product. It’s best to start slow. Typically, most edibles take around 45 minutes to work its way through your body. If after 45 minutes you still feel like you need more, take another microdose. Unlike smoking MMJ which will hit you almost immediately, marijuana edibles have a gradual impact. Smoking isn’t the best choice when micro-dosing, as it’s very difficult to get a precise THC measurement.

The Benefits of Micro-dosing

Here are just a few benefits of microdosing with cannabis. Treats pain and anxiety (Yes anxiety!). What people don’t realize is large doses of THC can actually cause anxiety. Rather than alleviating your anxiety, too much weed can exacerbate it. But in low doses, (microdosing for the win!) it can improve your mood without the psychoactive effects. Ok, back on track… Microdosing with cannabis also helps depression, inflammation, nausea, insomnia and indigestion. Almost all cannabis strains deliver focus alertness and a sense of creativity. We could all use more of that! It’s also great for mood changes and giving you confidence! You do not become intoxicated by micro-dosing marijuana, so you get to reap the benefits without becoming stoned, paranoid or lethargic.

Further Info

The biggest challenge of microdosing is finding the dose that is right for you. The “best??? dose varies from person to person. While 2mg may be great for some, it may be totally ineffective for someone else. The best way to find the dose that is right for you, is by simple trial and error. Start slow, with as low of a dose as you can, working up from there. To help keep track of your dosing you can download our Keeping Track of Your Care Guide here. Keep in mind, there have been ZERO recorded fatal overdoses of marijuana. If you do happen to take a stronger dose, you won’t die. You’ll just be inconvenienced by anxiety, a racing heart or hallucinations. Just don’t drive!! CBD oil also counters the effects of THC. If you find yourself uncomfortably high, just drop some CBD oil under your tongue. Super hack!

In conclusion, microdosing weed offers many benefits of THC without the psychoactive high, couch lock and tearing your kitchen apart eating everything you can find, like a rabid wolf who hasn’t eaten in a week. I can’t say it enough, start slow and work your way up to what works best for you and your body.

As always, your Sticky Saguaro Patient Advisors are here to help you with any questions you may have.

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