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What is a Cannabis Journal

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By #StickySaguaro | February 24, 2020 |

What is a Cannabis Journal?

A cannabis journal is a journal of your medical marijuana consumption habits.  Journaling in general can be one of the most insightful activities you can do for yourself.  Organizing thoughts, setting goals, and reducing stress.  Keeping a cannabis consumption journal can also benefit you in several ways.

Why To Keep A Cannabis Journal

Individual flower strains impact everyone differently.  With well over 500 strains to choose from, journaling can help you keep track of the mmj strains you like best or remember the ones you don’t like so much.  Each strain has its own characteristics too.  This is why keeping a cannabis consumption journal is so important.  You can keep track of strains that don’t agree with you and you should avoid, or the strains you absolutely love.  Keeping a cannabis journal also makes it easier to see patterns.  Maybe drinking caffeine when you use a certain marijuana strain gives you paranoia and you want to avoid using the two together.  Flip back through your journal and see which strain didn’t mix well with caffeine for you.  The cannabis journal also comes in handy to go over with your Sticky Saguaro Patient Advisor, so they can help you modify to better suit your personal experience.

What To Track In Your Cannabis Consumption Journal

As a patient, a cannabis consumption journal can be especially useful.  You can document the symptoms you’re experiencing, which strain and how much mmj you medicated with, and how it has relieved your symptoms.

Cannabis affects everyone differently, so finding the perfect strain for you will take some experimenting.  It is important to log side effects such as anxiety, red eyes, paranoia, munchies or dry mouth.  Even log down the day, time and how much you have used.

Some other things to write in your Cannabis Consumption Journal:

  • State of mind
  • Feelings
  • Are you anxious, depressed, sleepy, nauseous, stressed?
  • How does your body feel?  Any pain?
  • Have you taken any prescription drugs or supplements?
  • Strain, details of strain, brand and kind of edibles/concentrates, method of use, time of day, before or after a meal, how quickly you feel the effects, dispensary you purchased from, likes/dislikes, what food you consumed, water intake, caffeine intake, exercise, and menstrual cycle (for you ladies).

It is important to schedule a journaling time each day.  Try writing in a cannabis journal for a few weeks to see the difference it can make in your life.


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