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By sticky | March 4, 2019 |

CBD oil, hemp oil, or cannabidiol is an active component of cannabis. CBD does not get you high, so it’s great for people that need relief during the work day. No medical marijuana card is needed to use it and it’s totally legal. It has a wide variety of benefits with no psychoactive effects.

The Specifics

CBD is 1 of over 60 compounds found in cannabis. Recent research has shown CBD hemp oil as the component responsible for a majority of marijuana’s medical benefits.

It’s also worth noting that Cannabis oil doesn’t give you that traditional “marijuana high”. As a matter of fact, Cannabis oil does not have much of a noticeable effect at all, when used alone. But in conjunction with THC, the relaxing effect combats any feelings of paranoia that can sometimes be noticed while under the influence.

Some benefits of using CBD oil include:

– Helpful with cigarette cessation
– Reduces acne
– Prevents diabetes
– Treats fibromyalgia
– Relieves PTSD
– Helps with schizophrenia
– Eases Crohn’s disease
– Combats insomnia
– Helps fight cancer
– Reduces anxiety disorders
– Eases Arthritis pain
– Helps manage chronic pain
– Eases drug withdrawals

Additional Effects

CBD oil is completely non-psychoactive and will not adversely affect sensory awareness, perception, reaction time, consciousness or behavior.

In fact, CBD oil has anti-psychoactive properties. Which makes it capable of countering the “high” of the psychoactive cannabinoid.

It has no known adverse effects and is well tolerated at higher doses. However, Hemp oil does appear to produce significant positive changes in the body, as well as having medical benefits. Studies show tolerance to the effects is not likely to build up, so no need to continually increase CBD dosage.¬¬

There are several ways to get the benefits that Cannabidiol has to offer. Including edibles, capsules, beverages, tinctures, topical products, vaporizing, sublingual spray and even marijuana strains that are high in CBD, many of which you can purchase at Sticky Saguaro dispensary.

Did you know?

Charlotte’s Web is the most well-known strain that is high in cannabidiol. This strain was created for a young girl who suffered from seizures. Charlotte’s Web has no psychoactivity associated with it and it is from a sativa strain.

Ask your Patient Advisor, if you still need help understanding the benefits of CBD oil.

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